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What is the New decoupage technique :

Some of my clients and followers are amazed by how my items look like paintings;
This plaque is on sale in my etsy shop (click on it)
It's one of the reasons we call it New decoupage technique ...

This technique is based on the use of very thin paper like paper napkins, tissue paper, rice paper and other very thin papers;
of course these papers are very fragile and delicate and become even more fragile when they are in contact with the glue; so they wrinkle a bit but we have few techniques to eliminate those wrinkles:
The first one is to gently rub on the wrinkle, the second is to heat it (when it's dry, with a low temperature iron);
with this secrets, you'll get a perfect 'collage';

Then it's a good thing to apply several coats of varnish (water base varnish is better).
Fell free to visit my other blog with a gallery of my artwork.